Shane Kelly


Dan’s Physio Shane has been working closely with Dan since 2009 helping Dan improve his mobility within his muscle tone, educating him about how to maintain his muscle ability and recovery during heavy winter periods. Shane has also been influential on Dan’s rehab from serious injury getting him back to elite level training fully fit.

Derry Suter

Sports Massage

Dan has a weekly massage but not like any normal sports massage. Derry is a leading masseuse practitioner that treats leading sports stars like Jessica Ennis and alike. Derry has been treating Dan since 2009 and their relationship is pivotal to ensuring that the work Dan does in training is enabled by his muscle release work Derry does in order for them to perform. Derry is great at elastic massage and really enables the muscles ability to be stretched and released within movements, which is vital in the powerful sport of the Discus.

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Hugo Jafari


Dan’s agent is Hugo Jafari from Sports Sphere

For any commercial, media or appearance enquiries, please contact Hugo on [email protected]

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