Greaves lands Silver in Lyon World Championships and Gold in the Anniversary Games

8th Aug, 2013

This year meant one thing.. The DEFENSE of my World Championship title..


Having been through pain and frustration in London competing with a hernia. I was determined this year to turn last years Silver into Gold.

However it didn’t happen in the Worlds but it did happen back in the best venue in the world, The London Olympic stadium!


Having recovered from the hernia operation this years preparation was somewhat hampered by only having five months of preparation instead of the usual Ten months. Safe to save i trained like any year i’ve been competing. Hard, Determined and eager to make a mens on the year that passed.

I was really happy with how my weights, condition and speed work had improved in those five months building to the world champs, i got within five or ten kilo’s of all my personal bests which meant the hernia was settled and i had maintained strength!

My throwing was a slow burner, even though i started spritely with a best ever season’s opener at the Loughborough International with 58.44m my technical ability was seriously lacking from the lack of consistency and volume of throws id missed out from.

It was apparent that my strength levels were proving to be a great commodity with various 57/58m throws as standard. I knew deep down id have to produce a close to 60m throw or close to it to secure gold. Having gone to Germany and produced my second best ever throw of 59.68 this filled me with even more confidence and with only a couple of months before the worlds it was looking bright.

The world champs soon arrived faster than id have liked. Still someway off the mark throwing wise i knew i was in close to PB shape off of half a season. This gave me great confidence knowing that the later of the year id be more fine tuned and July’s worlds would be an exciting prospect.

Having had a two week intensive warm weather preparation camp in Bourges, Lyon World championships seemed to be more exciting as i knew there was a big throw to unleash.

The competition day! Feeling great and preparations in the circumstances are as good as ill get, i warmed up relaxed, easy and hitting large throws.

Thus i continued this into the first round. I hit a great relaxed and stable throw, a solid opener as id put it.. Walking out of the circle i gave a rise fist pump to friends and family pleased with my opening effort. I turned to see the distance and to my shock up came a red X to signal a no throw. Im no lieing man but i didn’t hit the rim outside he circle or anything else for them to foul me on. I protested this and tried to get the throw re-instated as on the reply evidence two of the three judges called it good. Once measured but not reinstated it was a distance of 56.31 probably my best opening throws of a championships.

This was very confusing and evidence showed the two judges giving it but the man with the flag put up the red meaning a no throw. I tried the best i could to block out the situation and carry on and start again, a fresh on my second throw. Before it the chief judge came and wanted me to show the evidence and caused a palaver with  my protest which evidently put my focus off for my second throw. To gain a further three throws i had to be top eight. this was in reach so i decided not to tempt fate and play it safe with a standing throw, which i went into second place with 48.60 almost a PB no less. After this i then refocused and tried to use the last three throws to my advantage, my rival Jeremy wasn’t in the frame or shape to warrant taking my crown and i knew that if i hit one it would be game over!

54.58M came in the forth round extending my second place and settling my nerves and i could use that to really go for the next two rounds. I rushed my fifth round throw causing a No throw and the sixth round throw was huge well over sixty meter’s but i just caught the rim so it was deemed a foul.

I thought to myself if i had played the last two safe and still came second i would have regretted not going for it and i knew it’d only take one of my best throws to win. it was close and i believe if my true 56.31 had been seen and legal like it should have i would have gone on to relax and throw to my potential.

we live and learn from our mistakes and this one will be put right in the future. So closely put right that i went to the Anniversary games on Sunday the 28th July and threw like i knew best. I used the 65,000 Mad British support and won the competition with 57.42m Beating my main two rivals that came first and third in the World championships and it was the best feeling in the world to be introduced as the winner in front of a home crowd who supported you throughout.


IPC Athletics World Championships - Day Three


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